Gem monster

GemMonster is a VR game. In the game you can fight with different kind of monsters which are compose of gems in different colors, the only way to defeat them is to elimate all the gems on their body. Each monster has it's own distinctive behavior and attack mode, you need to use and upgrade three different kind of skills to contend with them.

The game control is completely fit vr experience, also will not cause motion sickness after you play this game for hours.

Now the game can only play on gear vr.


Remove gems:

Touch gear vr touch pad will select the aimming gem, select two gems with the same color will remove them.

Switch and use skills:

1.slip your finger foward on gear vr touch pad will release the skill which is enabled currently.

2.slip your finger up and down on gear vr touch pad will switch the skill which is enabled


Aimming a gem platform and Touch gear vr touch pad will teleport you to the aimming platform, teleport will cost jump engergy, you can check the aim circle to know how much jump energy left.


Slip your finger back on gear vr touch pad will pause game. When game is pausing, slip your finger foward will continue the game, slip back will back to the moster selection menu.

Collect skill energy:

Remove the gems which has the same color with the platform you are on will increase the skill energy.



This skill can heal you for a while.


This skill can create a shell to protect you for a while.


This skill can Slow down the passage of time.

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